Can Potassium Influence my Skin Health? This is Bananas!

What is the first word that comes to mind when you think “potassium”? Let me guess, banana! That’s right, we have all been told to eat bananas because they are rich in potassium, but has anyone ever been told why? 

Look no further, because I am here to take a deep dive into this multifaceted mineral.

Potassium is the third most abundant mineral in the body and is classified as a macromineral because it carries an electric charge (electrolytes) that are important for keeping much of our neural capabilities alive and healthy.

This nutrient provides a myriad of functions including: maintaining normal body growth, breaking down carbohydrates, building proteins, facilitating proper functioning of the heart and kidneys, reducing blood pressure, protecting against strokes, and enabling growth of muscle tissues.

That’s why potassium-rich foods like bananas, avocados, beet greens, beans, potatoes, and salmon are super important for our health.

Having sufficient potassium in our bodies is especially important for maintaining hydrated skin because it regulates fluid balance, nerve signals, and muscle contractions. That means that potassium deficiency actually leads to – you guessed it – dry skin, and in some cases, this can manifest into skin problems including acne. If you currently suffer from dry skin then consuming more potassium would serve as a great first step in seeking a remedy. Given that it helps regulate the amount of water in your body’s cells, it will keep your skin moisturized and internally hydrated.

Though potassium can’t actually be absorbed through your skin, many companies have come out with products containing potassium compounds such as bath soaps, fragrances, and cosmetics, to enhance the feel of it. These are said to help adjust the pH and moisture levels in your skin to keep it hydrated and fresh.

Trying to adjust your diet to make changes to your skin from the inside-out can certainly be beneficial. So, next time you’re at the grocery store, look to incorporate some of the high-potassium foods into your diet; your skin will thank you–the proof is in the potassium!


Written by: Adi Tzadok

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