Hyal Anti-Ox

HYAL and ANTI-OX are paired together to create a fully comprehensive therapeutic option for skin revitalization. The active ingredients promote cell vitality and improve the skin’s regenerative ability.

In combination with the micro-needling, this holistic treatment offers an excellent way to actively stimulate skin rejuvenation.

HYAL is a highly-concentrated hyaluronic acid serum with an intensive moisturizing, uplifting and rejuvenating effect. It is used to correct superficial wrinkles and to counteract the signs of aging. Through the application of hyaluronic acid, the skin is intensively supplied with moisture. As a result, the skin is able to maintain its elasticity and tone.

ANTI-OX is a skin-rejuvenating serum with active ingredients, such as tea tree extract, vitamin C and L-Glutathione. The highly-active natural ingredients complex protects the skin and body from hazardous environmental influences, such as free radicals. It actively inhibits cell aging and supports the regeneration of the body’s cells.


  • Intensive moisturizing
  • Reduced wrinkles and age spots
  • Maintains the natural tone and elasticity of the skin
  • A powerful anti-oxidants that protect skin from free radicals
  • Inhibits targeted premature skin aging

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