Hair & Scalp Therapy

A powerful combined in-clinic/at home treatment for improving hair structure.
XCELLARIS PRO, the new Hair & Scalp treatment by Dermaroller ® is designed to create the optimal conditions for improving hair structure.
XCELLARIS PRO is based on natural & highly potent active ingredients which improve the hair structure and the surrounding skin tissue.

Key Benefits

  • Nourishes the scalp
  • Creates the basis for strong, thick and healthy-looking hair
  • Improves hair structure
  • Normalizes frizzy and brittle hair
  • Boosts hair health by providing valuable hair nutrients

XCELLARISPRO - Hair & Scalp Treatment Kit

Product Details

  • 4x Hair Treatment Ampules (5ml each)
  • 4x Skin Rejuvenation Vitamin ampules (5ml each)
  • 1x bottle of Hair Lotion  (70ml)

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