The Future of Skincare: Matrixyl 3000

Nearly everyone is ready to empty their wallets when it comes to purchasing anti-aging skincare products. How do you feel about saving yourself hundreds of ‘wasted’ dollars by purchasing something that actually works? Word on the street: look for serums and/or creams that contain a key ingredient: Matrixyl 3000.

This is perhaps one of the most effective anti-aging peptides that signals to your body to produce more collagen and elastin, leading to wrinkle reduction, decreased sagging, improved moisture and hydration levels, and increased firmness. Sounds like a dream, right? Right!

Matrixyl 3000 is a composition of peptides produced in France, and “is the first anti-aging element based on the technology of Matrikine peptide”. Matrikine is a peptide (chain of up to 50 amino acids) composed of anti-wrinkle actives that help the skin’s structure to work more effectively. It’s like going from a hand-washing your car, to an automated car wash at a gas station; the process is much quicker and results in a smoother, cleaner, and ‘newer’ look – much like what your skin will encounter!

Applying matrixyl 3000 serums to your skin will yield drastic and noticeable results in only a few weeks. This includes improved elasticity, enhancement of your healthy glow, smoothens wrinkles, and reduces fine lines and sagging. However, in order to get the maximum benefits, it is vital you incorporate it into your daily routine and make it a habit to apply it to your skin’s surface after you exfoliate and moisturize.

So how does this ‘magic ingredient’ actually work? Well, it regulates cell activities through cell signaling so that your skin can immediately produce new collagen once the collagen protein has degraded. Naturally, collagen and elastin degrade as you age, and since these compounds are essential for maintaining skin firmness and elasticity, their absence results in wrinkles and fine lines.

But matrixyl 3000 is like no other anti-aging ingredient. It is different from many of the other peptides because its results are long-lasting. It has two jobs and specializes in those jobs: to stimulate collagen synthesis and to repair damage. It has the ability to penetrate deep within the layers of your skin (unlike other peptides which only treat the uppermost surface) with little to no side effects.

In sum, matrixyl 3000 earns its name for the best anti-aging ingredient, leaving you with long-lasting youthful-looking skin.

Written by: Adi

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