Pesky Reminders: How To Deal With Your Worst Acne Scars

As if acne isn’t frustrating enough, the oh-so-wonderful joy of pimples are often followed by scars that you just can’t seem to get rid of. But before you abandon all hope and go seek out lavish concealer at the drugstore, try to understand the reasons behind acne scars and the ways to target these troublesome blemishes.

Scars come about when a breakout affects your skin deeply and causes a change in collagen. The tissue beneath your skin is often left damaged resulting in either temporary red or brown marks known as hyperpigmentation or longer-lasting changes in your skin’s surface. Surface scars that often look like divots or enlarged pores occur when inflammation has caused your skin to regenerate improperly.

Your line of treatment all comes down to the type of scar you’re battling with. For hyperpigmentation or smaller texture changes, try topical retinoid creams. These creams are Vitamin A-based and can be found in drugstores or prescribed in higher concentrations by a dermatologist. Retinol creams stimulate collagen growth over time and thus, reduce hyperpigmentation and small surface scars.

If you’re grappling with deep, surface scars that are not responding to your home treatments, then it may be time to turn to some in-office procedures. Skin care specialists or physicians can perform treatments like dermabrasion, chemical peels, laser resurfacing, or fillers to help even out your skin. Dermabrasion, chemical peels, and laser resurfacing use different techniques to remove the outer layer of your skin and subsequently, expose new, healthier layers of your skin. With fillers, your doctor may inject collagen, your own fat, or another type of chemical mix under the surface of your skin. The injections are intended to plump out depressed scars and smooth your skin.

Acne scars are no doubt frustrating, but they aren’t inescapable. The solution to your annoying acne reminders may very well be at your local drugstore or at a short visit to your doctor’s office, so don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Sometimes all your skin needs is some tender love, and care.

Written by: Prishni Seyone

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